and I will be his God and he shall be My son

To Him Who Overcomes...

Truly there is so much more than we have known, as a whole, concerning the Kingdom of God. The promises of Revelations Chapters 2 & 3 are what prompted me to create this site. All the promises are to "those who overcome", to those who "walk worthy" and remain "faithful" in this life.  

Saints, this is beyond our initial salvation. God is calling us past, what, in His Words, are the "elementary principles" of our discipleship - "repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, of instruction about washings and laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment." (Heb 6:1-2)

This is about Tabernacles. The final feast. Where the overcoming saints are One with Christ in the bosom of the Father. Here God is at rest. 

The things we will address on this site may sound different from what you hear from many pulpits on Sunday mornings. But as we look into the whole of Scripture, I pray the Holy Spirit of God will reveal to us His whole counsel, His great purpose in Christ for all creation.

I am not a man-ordained minister, and have never been to Bible School. My Teacher has been the Lord revealing His Truth to me by His Spirit. I've been greatly blessed and influenced by several, mostly older pastors and theologians, but it is the written Word of God to which I return to discover the True promises of God. And again, it is His Spirit that gives me the understanding into what I read and meditate upon. Any wisdom I have has only come because the Lord has granted it to me. 

May anything you read or hear here be taken to the Lord in prayer and confirmed by His Word. Let us always be as those in Berea, "examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things are so."

Blessings and Peace to all,



Addressing Current Theology (part 2)

Continuing our look into modern, popular doctrine in the Light of the Scripture.
May the Spirit guide us into all Truth. 

Addressing Current Theology (part 1)

Beginning a hard look here comparing modern popular theology to the written Word of God.
Meant to encourage and bring Light. 

King Ahaziah (Larry Wagner)

Looking at current times in comparison to events that transpired between Ahaziah and Elijah, in the spirit of prophecy. 


Speaking God's Language (Vicky Adkins)

Vicky shares here about learning how to speak to God, and as a result, learning how to hear Him speak to us.

A Glimpse of Eternity

Sharing a little from the road on my vision of Eternity. 


Love, Joy & Peace (Robert Thompson)

From a series of sermons on the topic of Death and Resurrection.
Dr. Thompson here speaking on the Scriptural Goal of God for Creation.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Continuing our look into the Gospel that Jesus and the Apostle taught, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. 
A bit different from what is currently taught from many pulpits perhaps. Let us have discernment as we seek the mind of the Lord. 

The True God & True Gospel (David Pawson)

Solid, Scriptural message by brother Pawson here, who passed from this life on May 21st 2020.


The Tabernacle (David Wagner)

Looking at the Tabernacle and it's furnishings, David gives us here much to "think on." May we have ears to hear what the Spirit is speaking to the Church today. 

Micaiah and True Prophecy (Larry Wagner)

Whose "voice" are we hearing when we "prophecy"? Larry looks here at what transpired between Micaiah and the prophets of Ahab and how that relates to us here in the churches today. 

Touching On Righteousness

Shedding light on a commonly misunderstood verse from Isaiah 64:6. Most definitely this will be different than you have heard concerning "our righteousness." Nevertheless, may this cause you to spend time in the Word and seek the Truth for yourself. 

Repentance: A Change of Mind or Behavior?

Another venture into Repentance; tackling here a common popular understanding of what it means to repent, and contrasting it with what the Scripture declares. 
May we truly discern what the Lord is telling us, and be one who truly repents, His Way. 

On Resurrection (Romans 6)

"For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection." (Rom 6:5)

Do we know that we are forming our own resurrection now, by our behavior?

What You Take With You (Dr. Robert B. Thompson)

The only way you can come to know Jesus is via death and resurrection. The power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.

From the series "Death & Resurrection"  recorded in 1989 @ Mt. Zion Fellowship

Correction & Direction OR Distraction & Destruction (Vicky Adkins)

Remember what is important! There's more than enough distraction in the world today. This is a message I heard from the LORD about what He wants us to see, know and do about it in our own lives. Blessings! (Vicky, 4/20/20)

Thoughts Concerning the Virus (3/22/20)

The internet seems flooded lately with preachers, pastors and prophets offering insights regarding the current situation in our nation and across the globe.
I felt impressed to share some thoughts and passages of Scripture that have come to mind the past couple days.

A MESSAGE FROM THE LORD 4 7 2020 (Vicky Adkins)

This message greatly confirmed much of what the Lord has been revealing to me in this time in which we are living. May it bless you and encourage you to press in to know the Lord in a greater way. 

The Born Again Experience (Larry Wagner)

A solid word from brother Larry on what it means to be "Born again."
May his sharing encourage you and give you cause to pause and meditate before the Father.


The concern of some over loved ones who are living according to the flesh, but at one time had "accepted Christ", is what brought about this video, as I believe the Lord showed me why some so adamantly cling to modern popular theologies in the churches that are foreign to Scripture.

Ramblings On the Kingdom: Did God Change His Mind? 2

Have the requirements of God changed from the Old Testament to the New?
Sharing a little more on my stance concerning the conditions of God's promises to those who would "come after" His Son Jesus and inherit the nations.

Ramblings From the Road: Did God Change His Mind?

Exploring the requirements of God for His saints. Are His conditions laid forth in the Old Testament the same for us today, or has God changed His mind?
Let's delve a little into the Scriptures and see what God's Word has to say.

What Is Worship? (David Wagner)

David here takes a look at what "Worship" is, according to the Scripture.
May we ponder indeed "these things" the brother presents and seek the Lord to know truly who He desires we worship Him.

Ramblings on the Kingdom: Obedience

Does God expect us to obey His commands? Did Jesus have to come because we couldn’t keep them?
Looking at these questions here, and delving into the Scripture to see what His Word declares. Join me if you will.

Overcoming (David Wagner)

Oh, the promises to "him who overcomes"!
The question is... what if we don't "overcome"?
From a good brother here, sharing from Revelation 2 & 3, looking at the passages that first cause me to think and inspired me to begin this website. 
May this video truly cause you to "think on these things."

The Gospel Series (What about the earth?)

What does our modern "Gospel" do with the Earth? If the spiritual "Heaven" is our eternal home, then have the words of the Psalmist and Jesus, Himself, become null and void? "Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth." - Matt 5:5

What Is The GOSPEL? (Defining Terms)

Looking here at a few terms that are oft-used in Christendom, yet with understanding widely debated.
Specifically I touch on my Scriptural understanding of the terms Repent, Kingdom, Righteousness, and what is the Goal of our faith.

What Is The GOSPEL?

What IS the Gospel, that Jesus, the Apostles and Prophets taught.
What is this "Gospel of the Kingdom" that Jesus told us to "repent and believe in"?
Beginning a study here looking at the "Gospel. "

What Salvation is (Robert B Thompson)

Perhaps a bit different than many have heard, but solidly based upon the Scripture. 
Dr. Thompson faithfully served the Lord as Pastor at Mt. Zion Fellowship for 42 years. 

Will You Finish Well? (Richard Owen Roberts)

"It really doesn't matter, very much, how you start, in comparison to how you finish" (Roberts)
Are we running our race well? Our Eternal destiny depends on it. 

Repentance (part 5) On Psalm 34 and Jeremiah 23

Touching again on Repentance, Biblical Repentance, a vital aspect of our salvation and destiny that is seldom taught or understood in Christendom at large today.


Ramblings on the Kingdom (SAINTS & JUDGES)

"To execute on them (the nations) the written judgment— This honor have all His saints. Praise the Lord!"
- Psalm 149:9

Looking at little at Saints & Judges here, and God's destiny for His faithful Elect. 

On Psalm 132

What I shared here has caused quite a stir and drawn some heat, as we look at topics not taught from many pulpits these days, yet are found throughout the Scripture.
Please, any questions, comments or rebukes are welcomed. We are all on the Journey together. 


What is our goal as a Christian?
Is it Heaven? The Kingdom of God? 

Or something else...


Bible Study (Currently looking at 1Cor 10)

In depth studies, verse by verse, of Scripture. 
After a 17-part series on Romans 8, we are looking now at Our Journey from the perspective in 1Corinthians 10. 



"They will walk with Me in white, for they are worthy." - Rev 3:4

Do we know that the promises of God are to those who prove themselves worthy?

the gods behind abortion

Looking at a hard, and very controversial subject here; from a Biblical, spiritual perspective.


Parables (Two Sons)

Is it our words or our actions that will determine our Eternal destination? What proves we are in the will of God, saying what He wants to hear, or doing what He has commanded us?
Continuing our study of Jesus parables. May we have "ears to hear." 

A Disciple's Hope

My personal hope I have found in God's Word, and in following the Lord Jesus. 

These are the things that drive me and cause me to press in to know Him. 

Click on the Title above to open the essay. 


Parables (Sheep & Goats)

The sheep & goats of the nations, standing before the Throne at the Second Resurrection. The First Resurrection overcoming saints are seated with Christ on the Throne. Where will we be in that Day?


"Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of My God. Remember, therefor, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent." -Rev 3:2-3
This Word is for us today in the churches. May we have "ears to hear what the Spirit is saying."


“We look for light, but there is darkness!
For brightness, but we walk in blackness!”

- Isaiah 59:9

Where is the Light?

Every day I hear of family and friends that have great needs. Physical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs. Relationships that have gone wrong. Cancer appearing in the bodies of those who lived healthy lives. Strife caused by those who choose to be “offended.”
Every day the news is full of accounts of domestic violence, animal abuse, and injustice.
So many are hurting. Many are becoming disillusioned. People don't know where to turn for answers.

Lord, when will the trouble cease...?


Continuing our study on Repentance as was taught by Jesus & His Apostles.
To be continued...

God's wisdom and understanding to us all,


To minister Life to God's creation.

Do you sense that call of God upon your life?

If so, our journey begins with Repentance.


Taking a look at a topic I believe is far too neglected and/or misunderstood in our assemblies today.

Hold Fast

An Exhortation


Sweetwater Still Publishing

A site I highly recommend. This is a publishing company of friends of mine who truly follow the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. 
Mike Ellicott & his wife Cheryl have together written an amazing, Biblically sound book called "His Power: Living in Step with the Holy Spirit." 
In it Mike shares how the Truth that the Spirit came to lead us into truly changed his life and strengthened his walk with Jesus.

As well, there is a Women's Bible Study available on Living in Step with the Holy Spirit.

I was blessed to receive advance copies of the book, which will be available on Amazon and in select Book Stores Sept. 8th.
Hoping to begin a Bible Study soon, using material in the book as a guideline, and delve into the purpose and necessity of the Spirit in the life of the Christian.





A New Creation (part 1)

"He (Jesus) is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God, and the first-born heir of all creation."
- Col 1:15 TPT

And this One will have brothers made in His image, truly a New Creation. 


Compromise: A concession to something detrimental or pejorative (Tending to make or become worse) - American Heritage Dictionary

Looking at perhaps one of the greatest battles in our Christian walk - compromising with the things of the world.